Trash & Recycle


Collection days for Trash are Wednesday and SaturdayRecycles pick up is on Wednesday.  Bulk pick up is on Saturday

If you have any questions about what the collector will accept for pickup, please call Solid Waste Authority at 1-866-792-4636. You must call this same number to schedule a bulk pickup. Yellow recycle bins are provided by Solid Waste Authority; if you need one please call Recycle Team at 1-866-639-2467

Trash Do’s

  • Place trash cans on the walkway for pickup.
  • Please write your address under the lid of your trash can.
  • Trash and recycle are permitted to be put out on Tuesday and Friday after 5:00 p.m. for pickup. 
  • Yellow recycle bins must be hidden from view except for the evening  before and on the day of collection.
  • Trash cans may be stored on the side of the building away from any windows.

Trash Don’ts

  • Unit owners are not permitted to deposit trash in any dumpster in the Palm Greens Community.
  • Furniture and fluorescent tubes will not be removed by the collector.